Hp Slate-Pc That Looks Like A Tablet

Searching for a Pc Having some looks like the tablets that have been sprouting up these days? then you should check out hp slate..Have a look at the features below..may be you get convinced! or just wait for some dual core Tablets to come up? …Take you’r decision…


Model: 500.

Type : Pc That Looks Like A Tablet.

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Cloud Os

Cloud Os:  Full Scale OS  Residing In A Browser.

You have access to all the features of a normal Os, From a Cloud Resident OS.

Shared Pool Of Resources:
  • Networks
  • Servers,
  • Storage,
  • Applications and Services.
  • Cost savings
  • Immediate Availability
  • Round-the-clock availability,
  • Scalability
  • Efficiency.
  • Eyeos.
  • Joli Cloud.
  • Google Chrome O.S
Eyeos Features:
  • Access Documents, files And Applications Anywhere Easily- It uses the WEBDav Feature.
  • Share Files and Edit Them In Real Time With Other User.
  • Ability To Have Your  Files On Your Own EyeOs Server.
  • Low Cost
Joli Cloud Features:
  • Simple Design.
  • Very User Friendly.
  • Integrates Social Stream Direct Into The Browser.
  • Ability To Mount Network Drives.
  • Large Number Of Apps -700 +
Google Chrome OS Features:
  • Instant Web:OS Comes Pre-Installed In Notebooks And Boot Under 10 seconds.
  • Updates Itself and Cleans On Every Boot.
  • Already Have More Than a Million Applications.
  • Built In Security To Keep Mal-ware Away.

*Courtesy EyeOS , Joli Cloud , Google Chrome OS

Disk Utility In Ubuntu

Disk Utility In Ubuntu is One very useful application.

It lets you:

  1. Get the details of all the Storage devices attached to you’r system.
  2. Driver Information of them.
  3. Eject Them.
  4. Have Benchmark.
  5. Format The Drive
  6. Check The File System.
  7. Unmount The Volume.
  8. Delete Partitions.
  9. View Smart Data Status.
  10. Rotation (If available)

It is a great tool for you to format a USB Drive ! and lot lot faster

Here are the Screen Shots

I have even kept the Screen shots of my Core i7 Processor Details Through the System Monitor Of Ubuntu

Even this is a great tool to help you get details of you’r System!

Game Streaming!-Play Games W/O A Console

The use of cloud computing is growing stead fast.

The next level of Gaming has emerged!
Play games without having to own a console… Based on the same cloud stage.

How Can I Have This?

  • By Using a Browser Download and can be played on any PC or a Mac.
  • By Using a Small Portable System,that you can hook it up to you’r TV.

Wow! I Want to Check It Out!

OnLive® Game Service

*I have made the link to open in a new window*

Fantastic What More?

  • This Site offers lots of games!-Huge Catalog of Games!
  • And Whole lot of Discounts in you’r hand.
  • A Cool Looking Gaming System is Provided.
  • BUT..But… You Need a good Broadband Connection!

CPU Information-Linux

Q:Help I need to find some details regarding my system…How do i do that?  and i use Linux/Ubuntu

Yes..We all come across such situations..here are some commands that you can enter in the Linux Terminal and get what you want.


1.I Want to know What CPU i have and other details like What flags it has?

Type this:

cat   /proc/cpuinfo

*Note You can use the Flags to see if you have  “lm” i.e long mode,which tells you whether you’r system is capable of handaling 64 bit OS..yeah they are getting popular now…*


2.Hey Even i want to  know about my Memory

cat  /proc/meminfo

*Click To View Larger Size.


3.I Want to know Everything about my System..all the hardwares,interfaces..?


  • If You  are familiar …in certain cases you get large list of items/details, to scroll through them easily,use the pipe symbol.

use     | less to get fewer details ..which u can scroll through

example:  lspci  | less

  • If You Want to search for some term then use | grep  Whatyouwanttofind

example: lspci  grep VGA