Hammerhead-Darwin Machine-Custom Built PC

Hammerhead HMR98902

Ever wanted to have a PC that Looks AWESOME?

Definitely we all want that

But you are some one who really want to aww the people who see your pc?

Then this custom built machine is the one to go for..

Sure it comes at a price of:

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Hp Slate-Pc That Looks Like A Tablet

Searching for a Pc Having some looks like the tablets that have been sprouting up these days? then you should check out hp slate..Have a look at the features below..may be you get convinced! or just wait for some dual core Tablets to come up? …Take you’r decision…


Model: 500.

Type : Pc That Looks Like A Tablet.

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Easy Way To Tether Internet From IPhone

Want to get rid of having you’r iphone being connected to the system for internet?

Then you should have a computer that has Bluetooth hardware.

You then have the option to tether you’r carrier internet (EDGE/3G) to you’r system and Stay relaxed

Though It drains you’r battery! Its a better option and also in cases when you don’t have the Transfer cable with you!

Game Streaming!-Play Games W/O A Console

The use of cloud computing is growing stead fast.

The next level of Gaming has emerged!
Play games without having to own a console… Based on the same cloud stage.

How Can I Have This?

  • By Using a Browser Download and can be played on any PC or a Mac.
  • By Using a Small Portable System,that you can hook it up to you’r TV.

Wow! I Want to Check It Out!

OnLive® Game Service

*I have made the link to open in a new window*

Fantastic What More?

  • This Site offers lots of games!-Huge Catalog of Games!
  • And Whole lot of Discounts in you’r hand.
  • A Cool Looking Gaming System is Provided.
  • BUT..But… You Need a good Broadband Connection!

Nokia unlock for all mobiles-Remove Lock Code

have u ever got a prob like:

upgraded ur NOKIA (ANY Model ) firmware and then u get lock code to be typed:

which u dont remember……

solution is here

1.when you start the phone,it will ask the LOCK CODE:TYPE  112 (hold fn key -to get numerics)

2.cancel call As soon as possible

3.connect to pc

4.QUIT NOKIA PC SUITE OR OVI SUITE-if u don’t it wont work



7.install it

8.Choose Virtual USB DEVICE

9.then start the program

10.top right extreme-Scan

11.click TOOLS

12. in below window click Factory Settings

13.check Full Factory

14.Click RESET

NOTE :Extreme LEFT Bottom it Should Show Done

over restart ur system voila no lock code

if u face problem like ERROR at the Bottom panel-uninstall then install with now as Diamond…instead of Virtual USB Option…..

This is best solution

Drop in for queries