Twitter Changed Home Page!

Seems that they have changed the design(specifically The Background!) a bit

Looks more Elegant now!

Some Inner Meaning is Hidden behind that image(Specially The Map is highlighted!!!)


Chatter – Social CRM

The Growth of Social Giants like Facebook and Twitter With their Real time communication

has injected a thought in the industry

For instance …Chatter A Social CRM Developed by SalesForce -which indeed is Very Very popular company in Business World.


  • Look and feel like Twitter + Facebook.
  • Based On Cloud Computing-That will make you think! “Yeah may be i should try!”. After all Cloud Is Growing now!!
  • Have a Private Social Network Base. Continue reading

Mobigyaan – Lustrous Gyaan

In celebration of the 2nd  anniversary of the Geeky Website MobiGyaan,Here comes a Sweet Review

First Impressions:

1.Wow! Is It About Only Mobiles

-No its not just about mobiles, Its just about everything !!  You Get Reviews!, you get latest offers from various operators

lots of contests to have fun around…

2.Like What??

-Have a look at the site,it sorts things according to what a daily visitor,regarding telecoms and stuff he looks for.

3.Can you give me some Examples

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Android 3.0 Preview

Google unveiled most awaited Android 3.0 Honeycomb

First thing first ! They say its Completely build for Tablets! look below:

  • Looks like it has really really fast UI..Thanks to Dual Core Processor,that it requires.
  • The browser looks really great and fast movements.
  • Nice interface for Google books,they provided a panoramic view for it.
  • Tablet optimized YouTube and gmail.
  • The best being a 3D View In maps.