Game Streaming!-Play Games W/O A Console

The use of cloud computing is growing stead fast.

The next level of Gaming has emerged!
Play games without having to own a console… Based on the same cloud stage.

How Can I Have This?

  • By Using a Browser Download and can be played on any PC or a Mac.
  • By Using a Small Portable System,that you can hook it up to you’r TV.

Wow! I Want to Check It Out!

OnLiveĀ® Game Service

*I have made the link to open in a new window*

Fantastic What More?

  • This Site offers lots of games!-Huge Catalog of Games!
  • And Whole lot of Discounts in you’r hand.
  • A Cool Looking Gaming System is Provided.
  • BUT..But… You Need a good Broadband Connection!

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