Airtel 3G Launch at Hyderabad

3G Injected!

Today (5th-April-2011) is the day When Bharati Airtel Kick starts its 3G Services and offers it to the Hyderabadis (People Of Hyderabad-Andhra Pradesh)


Airtel Invites Us For the 3G Launch at Hotel Grand Kakatiya, Hyderabad

Courtesy goes to & Puneet Jain


Saina Nehwal, is the brand ambassador who along with Vineet Taneja The Operations Director- South For Bharati Airtel

launched the 3G Services here , also Mr.Taneja gave a Demo of all the services that are being offered and those that are going to be rolled out and also demonstrated a live Video Call !

Me(left) With Vineet Taneja:

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Yahoo For IPhone On Airtel

Yahoo! For Iphone has evolved to truly a remarkable stage.

Lets See

1.Messaging on Yahoo Messenger for iPhone is really fast.

2.Just can’t Believe that i can talk for hours by calling my friends on yahoo for free and you will be amazed that how can a GPRS handle such data rate,..but really there is no lag or hiccups. The Voice clarity on Airtel GPRS is realy realy awsome,there is no network problems.

3.Yahoo can be used on both GPRS as well as  WI-FI .

*Note:It Seems that Airtel Gprs speeds have increased Considerably *


Y! Messenger Launching !

1.As usual you can arrange as you like (In Folders or Separate Icon).

2.Icon is neatly designed,It Can be identified Easily,if you have lots of applications.


Y! Messenger Start

1.After You Sign in,you get the above screen.

2.At The bottom you have Contacts,Messages,Calls And Settings-all are Self Explanatory.

3.You Get online contacts,with whom you can call or message.

4.Very Neatly Designed!


Y! Messenger Message Spicer

1.You can add the emoticons that are standard in yahoo,They are really beautiful in this and ANIMATED !

2.You can also send you’r favorite URLs Directly in the message.

3.Finally you can take a picture or video and send as an attachment,while you are messaging also you can add them from you’r library.


Y! Messenger VoIP

  • Finally Lets Come to the VoIP Feature: Its Rock Solid!!
  • OK Calling On GPRS! Sounds not so good..(I am Using This on Airtel GPRS)
  • Hold You’r breath! The Sound Clarity is just as awesome as if you were using a WI-FI Connection or conventional telephone line!
  • Should say that gprs speed of airtel has increased really well.
  • I Am able to talk for hours,without any hitch on GPRS.
  • I Do use WI-FI just to save some juice in the battery.
  • Also You have Few options,as shown in the second figure above,You Know about them right!


1.Y! Messenger For Iphone is Really Great App,Try it and you will Love it!

2.Simplicity in Design and Features of it has hand over Skype and Fring.

3.Airtel GPRS Speeds have increased alot.

4.It Even Provides Video Calling too.

Airtel-Deducts My Money :( For IPHONE 3GS

I Recently Bought IPHONE 3GS airtel locked from airtel relation ship center

There is a Free Gprs plan for buying an iphone : it is as below

Data Usage/Month Charges

First 500 MB Free

> 500 MB 30p/50KB

Offer applicable to all existing as well as new Airtel Postpaid and Prepaid customers purchasing iPhone from Airtel authorised sales point.

Terms and Conditions:

•This phone can only be used with an Airtel connection. All warranties/benefits are null and void if unlocked.

• Free 500 MB of data download/month for 12 months. Charges after free usage are Re. 0.30 / 50 KB


i called the customer care and got it activated i got confirmation sms also

when i browsed

my main balance got deducted by 50 rs!!!

now called the customer care, they transfered it to the supervisor

he said he dint hear about the plan!!

he made me on hold and said:

“You need to download an application to your iphone to use it”

“Go to airtel shop and download and you will get it “!

Application???? they dint say me……

and wait once the plan is activated how can u charge 50RS and he said he cant refund it!!!!!!! its clearly said we get 500mb per month after that 30ps/50 kb


AND How come the Service guys dont know abt their plans!