Galaxy Note Screenshots

Alright You know the Specs of this great phone (So i wont be mentioning about it)


  1. Its Big but its PERFECT (You CAN hold it and you can Pocket it )
  2. The Screen is Awesome
  3. Battery is Good (lasts 1 and a half Day )
  4. S-Pen is really useful
  5. Gestures are just awesome and handy

Go Get it! Don’t get any second thoughts its a perfect phone

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Nexus One – Random SMS Bug Fix

Nexus One:

  • Is Your nexus one sending randoms SMS?
  • Contact name is correct and even then it sends out random stuff?
  • Fix has arrived as Android O.S 2.2.2 – Thats a lucky number!
  • Get it as OTA (Over the air) or from¬†Google¬†.

Note : I Wont be writing how to do that (Since i don’t have an Android Mobile right now)but here is a solution

Solution: Click here


Easy YouTube Downloader

Easy Youtube Video Downloader

  • Do You Want to get those Funny Videos you have just watched
  • Or you just uploaded you’r video and accidentally deleted it on your system?
  • May be you want to download a video in other format without having a software to convert it on your system?

Then Easy Youtube Video Down loader Is the One you have to get it!

Here is the Chrome Browser Extension

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Windows 7 Jumplist

Jumplist is one of the cool features of windows, lets not forget the powerful Power Shell Of Windows 7

Ok Why Jumplist?

  1. Groups all of you’r common stuff together.
  2. Have multiple Tabs opened in a browser don’t worry,¬†jump list¬†gives quick access to all of them.
  3. Groups Recent documents.
  4. Ability to peek or preview the content.
  5. Quick access to all programs that are minimized.


Courtesy: and google for images