Facebook 4.0.1 IPhone


The ui has changed and for better, it looks really great
1.More like the ipad version
2.Hot appeal for your eyes
3.Very easy navigation
4.The Messenger and this app almost look alike!
5.Cool pop ups

Its a must have app and go on go get it now!!

Note: few users are having an issue with this/previous app , dont worry it is fixed i tried it on my phone

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Bug-Facebook for Ios

Facebook IOS Bug (Latest)

The Latest Update Of Facebook For IOS Devices (As On Today-29-MAR-2011)

This bug does not show the message that we are going to post on a Wall, while it is POSTING

But it turns out that when the phone is rotated to the landscape mode , the message appears though the top lines are Cut!!

Screen Shots:


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