S Memo on Galaxy Note

How can it help you:
1.Jot down your ideas
2.Draw really good art
3.Help you play with your photos

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[Discovered]Galaxy note easter egg

Just found an easter egg on the Samsung Galaxy note n7000
My note is running the stock android Gingerbread

Go to Settings> About Phone > Android Version

Quickly (very very Quick) Tap the Android Version and You Will get the Gingerbread Zombie Image

Here is the Video


Galaxy Note Screenshots

Alright You know the Specs of this great phone (So i wont be mentioning about it)


  1. Its Big but its PERFECT (You CAN hold it and you can Pocket it )
  2. The Screen is Awesome
  3. Battery is Good (lasts 1 and a half Day )
  4. S-Pen is really useful
  5. Gestures are just awesome and handy

Go Get it! Don’t get any second thoughts its a perfect phone

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Only EDGE data mode on android

Why Would You Want to Get Only EDGE Data Mode On Your Android ? (Probable reasons are listed below)

  1. Because i just want to cut my 3G/4G data usage!
  2. Ive got only EDGE Plan.
  3. I Think Keeping Phone in EDGE Mode will save my battery (well the phone uses Data When it Really REQUIRES!!)

Ah..gimme the procedure man!


1.Goto Settings> Wireless and Network > Mobile Network Settings

2.Set the Network Mode To GSM Only

Your Done now you will be in EDGE Mode all the time, if you want to use your 3G then set it to GSM/WCDMA (Auto)

Screenshots: (This is Galaxy Note People! )


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Accidental Galaxy Tab and Apple Magic Mouse Connection

I Was about to pair my apple Keyboard to my Samsung Galaxy tab , but it turned out that my Apple Magic Mouse got paired

and Woah i get that cursor on screen and i can operate its sooo cool!

1.Right click to go back

2.Left Click to Select something or drag something

3.The passkey is 0000

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