Only EDGE data mode on android

Why Would You Want to Get Only EDGE Data Mode On Your Android ? (Probable reasons are listed below)

  1. Because i just want to cut my 3G/4G data usage!
  2. Ive got only EDGE Plan.
  3. I Think Keeping Phone in EDGE Mode will save my battery (well the phone uses Data When it Really REQUIRES!!)

Ah..gimme the procedure man!


1.Goto Settings> Wireless and Network > Mobile Network Settings

2.Set the Network Mode To GSM Only

Your Done now you will be in EDGE Mode all the time, if you want to use your 3G then set it to GSM/WCDMA (Auto)

Screenshots: (This is Galaxy Note People! )


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Airtel 3G Launch at Hyderabad

3G Injected!

Today (5th-April-2011) is the day When Bharati Airtel Kick starts its 3G Services and offers it to the Hyderabadis (People Of Hyderabad-Andhra Pradesh)


Airtel Invites Us For the 3G Launch at Hotel Grand Kakatiya, Hyderabad

Courtesy goes to & Puneet Jain


Saina Nehwal, is the brand ambassador who along with Vineet Taneja The Operations Director- South For Bharati Airtel

launched the 3G Services here , also Mr.Taneja gave a Demo of all the services that are being offered and those that are going to be rolled out and also demonstrated a live Video Call !

Me(left) With Vineet Taneja:

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Ipad Launch In India

Apple has Finally rolled out the ipad to the indian customers!

It has announced the prices …. but wait when ipad 2 is on the verge…its rolling its ipad..Its not surprise at all…

Well when iphone 4 was released the 3gs was rolled into the indian market

Well look at the prices below and decide your self..



Easy Way To Tether Internet From IPhone

Want to get rid of having you’r iphone being connected to the system for internet?

Then you should have a computer that has Bluetooth hardware.

You then have the option to tether you’r carrier internet (EDGE/3G) to you’r system and Stay relaxed

Though It drains you’r battery! Its a better option and also in cases when you don’t have the Transfer cable with you!


You Want to buy an iphone(3G,3GS…) ?

Yeah,sure you might be thinking to buy one

so you have come here in search of a better review

Definitely,you might have seen lot of videos and unboxing   reviews of the phone

So did i ,Searched alot ,alot…..

Some reviews say good about it and  some dont and some are neutral in their stand

So While you read through this,ill present you a simple yet covering all the required information you need


2.Music Interface-That which we all love!

The Landscape interface is shown above The Transition is really fast and very smooth scrolling.

Connected My Motorola S9 Blue-tooth HeadSet Sound is Fantastic and is recommended For Really Good Experience. S9 Is Below:

3.Home Screen-World Of Apps

Lots Of Apps you can see Try Downloading the are really good

4.Photo Roll,Maps,Settings Interfaces:

All the interfaces are pretty neat and you will love it

5.SMS/MMS & Keyboards :

6.Mail And Dialpad

The Dialpad is awsome combined with proximity sensor works very well ……………

The down point is the battery but can be maximized to 2 days

1.Turn off Wifi ,Bluetooth

2.Disable Push Notifications

3.Disable Location based

4.Turn of 3G and Data Roaming The Phone Is exellent in all aspects ,just go for it