‘Nan’ Can Cripple You and your Code

NaN- Not a number is one such night mare that can cripple your entire Code , your hours (Or even Minutes 😉 ) of punching the keyboard , that almost teases your patience of debugging the program

Only oneTIP for this : How certain you are about your code and how perfect is your code analysis and Data flow is ,

Just Check for Division By Zero Evaluation!

In any Division Arithmeticity Do check this , keep it as a habit and it should just flow when you are busy in such Divisional Logics in your code

The dirty way is to add a very small (negligible) padding to your denominator , Sure you woudnt do that if your coding for a Nuke Reactor or NASA JPL Mars Program 😉


Windows 7 Jumplist

Jumplist is one of the cool features of windows, lets not forget the powerful Power Shell Of Windows 7

Ok Why Jumplist?

  1. Groups all of you’r common stuff together.
  2. Have multiple Tabs opened in a browser don’t worry, jump list gives quick access to all of them.
  3. Groups Recent documents.
  4. Ability to peek or preview the content.
  5. Quick access to all programs that are minimized.


Courtesy: microsoft.com and google for images

Include Conio.h In Linux – Traditional C Programs

Want to compile programs Using GCC or CC in you’r Linux Machine?

You might face some compilation errors When you include #include<conio.h>


fatal error: conio.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated.


To get the entire working solution in step wise

Like this page and once done the steps appear

Click here to view solution 

8086 Microprocessor Emulator-Windows

An Emulator For Intel 8086 Micro Processor

Godhc: Are You a Programmer at hardware level?

Buddy: Yes,i am and i am using famous Intel 8086 Micro Processor in my institute!

Godhc: So Whats the problem?

Buddy: In my institute,they have the hardware and software to program,but i want to try in my home,how can i 😦

Godhc: Thats simple buddy Download an Emulator For Windows…   Click Here

Buddy: Wow That Really Works! Thanks!

Godhc: Glad to help you, Adieu!