Airtel 3G Hyderabad Demonstrates a cool Song


Yahoo Mail – 2011 – Revamped N Rox

Yahoo Mail 2011 Is currently in  Its Beta Stage But it Looks Take You’r Breath Away!!!!!

But its a Love At First Sight or Love At first Site 😉  Look Below

Thoughts Going Crazyyy!

  1. The Look and feel is simply awesome
  2. Yahoo is all set to take on the Facebook mail!
  3. But Looking at the awesomeness of Yahoo Mail 2011 , Should Have Expectations on FB Mail!
  4. Watch out FB, If You Still use the Similar Theme You are Using for FB, think again , Yahoo is On Rampage
  5. There Are lots of amazing features
  6. And It boasts of  Unlimited Storage !!! Yeah Unlimited omg!!!!! Email is changing
  7. Now i am started to love yahoo mail again
  8. All users love the cool design and easy to use interface omg!!!
  9. I Just cant Stop Saying OMG!!!
  10. They kept the Famous Yahoo Go Interface!
  11. HTML 5 Like Interface!!!!
  12. Inbuilt Applications!!!!
  13. Buttons are Flash Like
  14. Has an Updates Tab Just like Twitter!
  15. It is Totally A Monster Cute!!!

How to get? Look at the bottom right to get a chance to use the new look

Yahoo! You’r Going To Rule Now!!!!


You Want to buy an iphone(3G,3GS…) ?

Yeah,sure you might be thinking to buy one

so you have come here in search of a better review

Definitely,you might have seen lot of videos and unboxing   reviews of the phone

So did i ,Searched alot ,alot…..

Some reviews say good about it and  some dont and some are neutral in their stand

So While you read through this,ill present you a simple yet covering all the required information you need


2.Music Interface-That which we all love!

The Landscape interface is shown above The Transition is really fast and very smooth scrolling.

Connected My Motorola S9 Blue-tooth HeadSet Sound is Fantastic and is recommended For Really Good Experience. S9 Is Below:

3.Home Screen-World Of Apps

Lots Of Apps you can see Try Downloading the are really good

4.Photo Roll,Maps,Settings Interfaces:

All the interfaces are pretty neat and you will love it

5.SMS/MMS & Keyboards :

6.Mail And Dialpad

The Dialpad is awsome combined with proximity sensor works very well ……………

The down point is the battery but can be maximized to 2 days

1.Turn off Wifi ,Bluetooth

2.Disable Push Notifications

3.Disable Location based

4.Turn of 3G and Data Roaming The Phone Is exellent in all aspects ,just go for it