[Glitch] One App in IOS Folder

Ok we know that if we drag an icon on top of another we can make them both go into a folder

So how do you put a Single app in a folder?
Here is how it is done:

  1.  Create a folder- Normally how you do that.
  2.  Now remove all the apps from the folder , just leaving one app in the folder
  3.  You are now left with one app in the folder :p

Who and Why should you do this?
–Fun–IOS Glitch–Bug– 😛




WordPress Spam Count Bug?

Currently even though We clear the Spam messages from the Spam Folder , we get a notification that there is some (atleast one) spam mail !!

Is it a bug or is it just that it does get updated to 0 or may be a programmatic Error , where the programmer doest Make the flag to 0 when the Spam is Cleared!!

Have a look at it!

Bug-Facebook for Ios

Facebook IOS Bug (Latest)

The Latest Update Of Facebook For IOS Devices (As On Today-29-MAR-2011)

This bug does not show the message that we are going to post on a Wall, while it is POSTING

But it turns out that when the phone is rotated to the landscape mode , the message appears though the top lines are Cut!!

Screen Shots:


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Nexus One – Random SMS Bug Fix

Nexus One:

  • Is Your nexus one sending randoms SMS?
  • Contact name is correct and even then it sends out random stuff?
  • Fix has arrived as Android O.S 2.2.2 – Thats a lucky number!
  • Get it as OTA (Over the air) or from Google .

Note : I Wont be writing how to do that (Since i don’t have an Android Mobile right now)but here is a solution

Solution: Click here

Courtesy: Androidandme.com