Battery Applet Ubuntu

Want to have full details about you’r laptop batter?

Yes! Most of us want to have that information…but due to some reasons the pre installed

Power management doesn’t give so much details

here is a small applet that can be added and gives much much more information.

Its Battery Applet

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Blender-3D Model Designer – Linux

Blender From For Linux is As Usual A Free And Open Source Product

It is indeed the most preferred  application For Rendering 3D Models

Who Should Use?

  • If You are going to Learn, this is the product..don’t jump over to other Products, don’t ever do that,this has got lots of documentation and tutorials to learn whole lot of stuff , Continue reading

Belkin Wireless G In Ubuntu

If You are using Ubuntu 10.10 this works perfectly fine in this version

It is really helpful if you want to get out from the limitations of you’r wireless card installed in you’r laptop

Using this adapter you get some really good variety of Security Features the newer LEAP (Developed by Cisco) is included for additional security ..Look at few Screen shots here:

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Disk Utility In Ubuntu

Disk Utility In Ubuntu is One very useful application.

It lets you:

  1. Get the details of all the Storage devices attached to you’r system.
  2. Driver Information of them.
  3. Eject Them.
  4. Have Benchmark.
  5. Format The Drive
  6. Check The File System.
  7. Unmount The Volume.
  8. Delete Partitions.
  9. View Smart Data Status.
  10. Rotation (If available)

It is a great tool for you to format a USB Drive ! and lot lot faster

Here are the Screen Shots

I have even kept the Screen shots of my Core i7 Processor Details Through the System Monitor Of Ubuntu

Even this is a great tool to help you get details of you’r System!

Get KDE on Gnome-KDE Plasma Desktop

Want to install the new Kubuntu KDE on you’r Gnome…If Yes proceed down

First thing first…if you install kde along with gnome,you will have both kde default applications like Konquer and all along with you’r ubuntu applications…just have a look at the Gnome Menu bar applications list..well lets not worry about that,KDE is whole lot beautiful..ill get the screenshots later ok!

You Get the lates Ubuntu 10.10 and do this

  • Go to System>Administration>Synaptic Packet Manager.
  • Search for Kubuntu at the top right
  • Find  “Kubuntu  Plasma Desktop System“.
  • Mark For installation.
  • Wait for some will download lots and lots of packages..approx 700 mb Disc space will be used,be prepared for it
  • after that log out.
  • click the user name.
  • look at the bottom and find SESSION.
  • Choose KDE.
  • Voila You’r KDE will Start and play with widgets and its beauty.