Galaxy Note Screenshots

Alright You know the Specs of this great phone (So i wont be mentioning about it)


  1. Its Big but its PERFECT (You CAN hold it and you can Pocket it )
  2. The Screen is Awesome
  3. Battery is Good (lasts 1 and a half Day )
  4. S-Pen is really useful
  5. Gestures are just awesome and handy

Go Get it! Don’t get any second thoughts its a perfect phone

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Bulged Nokia Battery!!!

I was shocked to find the bulged nokia battery.

It was in my shelf for some months,took it so that i could use it , but it turned out to be something different!

Guess some heavy reaction took place inside

Pictures attached:

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You Want to buy an iphone(3G,3GS…) ?

Yeah,sure you might be thinking to buy one

so you have come here in search of a better review

Definitely,you might have seen lot of videos and unboxing   reviews of the phone

So did i ,Searched alot ,alot…..

Some reviews say good about it and  some dont and some are neutral in their stand

So While you read through this,ill present you a simple yet covering all the required information you need


2.Music Interface-That which we all love!

The Landscape interface is shown above The Transition is really fast and very smooth scrolling.

Connected My Motorola S9 Blue-tooth HeadSet Sound is Fantastic and is recommended For Really Good Experience. S9 Is Below:

3.Home Screen-World Of Apps

Lots Of Apps you can see Try Downloading the are really good

4.Photo Roll,Maps,Settings Interfaces:

All the interfaces are pretty neat and you will love it

5.SMS/MMS & Keyboards :

6.Mail And Dialpad

The Dialpad is awsome combined with proximity sensor works very well ……………

The down point is the battery but can be maximized to 2 days

1.Turn off Wifi ,Bluetooth

2.Disable Push Notifications

3.Disable Location based

4.Turn of 3G and Data Roaming The Phone Is exellent in all aspects ,just go for it