Flight Control [IOS] Goes Free

Flight Control , The Game We have been playing (Most Of You i suppose, or at least the ones reading this post are Interested 😉 ) Goes Free on Itunes (as Mentioned For Today)

Also it features:

  • Storm Field – A New Kind of Map
  • Turn The Time Back- Rewind (as they call)
  • Thunderstruck – Unlockable Achievement


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Delta Updates For Apple Software!

Apple Proposed in WWDC ’11  That it will Roll Out Delta Updates for its Software Products and especially ITUNES and IOS Updates

Why We need this?

1.To Download the entire application just for a minor update , Eats your Bandwidth!

2.Same goes with the apps on IOS Devices

3.Itunes and other softwares are still huge! Above 60MB

4.Just think about IOS Updates , they are huge (We need OTA)

Hope they test out the proposed OTA and Delta Updates and release it to the Public Quickly










[Glitch] One App in IOS Folder

Ok we know that if we drag an icon on top of another we can make them both go into a folder

So how do you put a Single app in a folder?
Here is how it is done:

  1.  Create a folder- Normally how you do that.
  2.  Now remove all the apps from the folder , just leaving one app in the folder
  3.  You are now left with one app in the folder :p

Who and Why should you do this?
–Fun–IOS Glitch–Bug– 😛



Mount IOS 4.2 In Ubuntu

After the Recent update to our beloved iphone

We see that it wont get mounted on our ubuntu /Linux machines

Tired of Finding solutions to get it mounted….then dont wory here are the steps…

Step 1: Add the Following Repository to the System… Go to terminal and copy paste the code:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmcenery/ppa


Step 2:We then need to get the packages thats there in the ppa So – UPDATE and UPGRADE With this command…

dont worry it will just complete in few minutes..go ahead..NOTE:Execute Each line once..given below

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Step2.1:Ok Some chances are there it may not work ..so type this line...here we install the "libmobiledevice-utils" to the system 
sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice-utils

Step3: Final Step! ..Execute in order and then mount your iphone…It Works !!! Post comments…


idevicepair unpair 
idevicepair pair
idevicepair validate

Ok thats done..Beter Do a restart of the system before you connect...Happy Playing....