Broken Terminal? MAC OSX

Broken? : Yeah sometimes, you might haphazardly configured/changed your environment and that somehow broke you’r terminal

Effects : Commands like ls, cd , bash don’t work


1. Open Terminal

2. Type  PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11/bin and press enter

3. Type export PATH   and press enter


Zip in Terminal (Mac/Linux)

Need to Zip Contents Using Terminal?


1.Because Your are working remotely?

2.May be your Connected to a machine Via SSH or alternative for it

3.You have access to Terminal Only

4.Duh! Just Wanna Know

Here are the steps:

1.Go to the Directory Which has the folder to be zipped (here Directory is Rahul and it has folder called Progs that has to be zipped

2.Use zip -r A B

Where A is the name of the eventually zipped file

B is the Folder to be Zipped

-r is Recursively descent the contents and apply zip (needed)


Terminal Zip.png

Remote Desktop Connect To Windows From Mac

This article presents a straightforward solution to access your windows Content on Your Macintosh PC!!!

So I (This means you-who is reading this article) may have one or more of the below questions in mind: 😀

  1. I some how want to access my remote Windows machine (windows xp,vista,7,8) on my MAC
  2. I have a huge 27′ Apple BOOTCAMP just to run few programs of windows on mac .
  3. Uh!!! I don’t want to fight with my MAC anymore!!
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Handbrake Video Transcoder

Are you looking for a video trans coder?

Sure you are…We Can find lots of Trans coders  for windows..but what about Linux, Mac OSX ??

Then Handbrake is the One to go..


  • Open Source.
  • Multi Platform.
  • Supports Mac OS X, Linux And windows.
  • Supports Multi-threaded architecture.
  • Can Rip DVDs For you.

It Supports:

  • SSA Subtitle
  • AC3 encoding
  • Universal audio downmix
  • Batch Scan
  • It Supports BluRay Disc structure,with a limitation of no decryption!!
  • Supports Live Preview while encoding!! -Thats nice.

Visit the Official Site to grab a copy !

Some Screen Shots: