Accidental Galaxy Tab and Apple Magic Mouse Connection

I Was about to pair my apple Keyboard to my Samsung Galaxy tab , but it turned out that my Apple Magic Mouse got paired

and Woah i get that cursor on screen and i can operate its sooo cool!

1.Right click to go back

2.Left Click to Select something or drag something

3.The passkey is 0000

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Delta Updates For Apple Software!

Apple Proposed in WWDC ’11  That it will Roll Out Delta Updates for its Software Products and especially ITUNES and IOS Updates

Why We need this?

1.To Download the entire application just for a minor update , Eats your Bandwidth!

2.Same goes with the apps on IOS Devices

3.Itunes and other softwares are still huge! Above 60MB

4.Just think about IOS Updates , they are huge (We need OTA)

Hope they test out the proposed OTA and Delta Updates and release it to the Public Quickly










Remote Desktop Connect To Windows From Mac

This article presents a straightforward solution to access your windows Content on Your Macintosh PC!!!

So I (This means you-who is reading this article) may have one or more of the below questions in mind: 😀

  1. I some how want to access my remote Windows machine (windows xp,vista,7,8) on my MAC
  2. I have a huge 27′ Apple BOOTCAMP just to run few programs of windows on mac .
  3. Uh!!! I don’t want to fight with my MAC anymore!!
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