Hp Slate-Pc That Looks Like A Tablet

Searching for a Pc Having some looks like the tablets that have been sprouting up these days? then you should check out hp slate..Have a look at the features below..may be you get convinced! or just wait for some dual core Tablets to come up? …Take you’r decision…


Model: 500.

Type : Pc That Looks Like A Tablet.

Screen: 8.9″ Touch Screen-Multi Touch.

Camera: VGA-Front, 3MP Rear.

USB: Yes it has USB 2.0 Port.

Weight: ~0.68 kg.

Operating System: Windows 7 !

Under The Hood: Intel Atom Processor-Z540.

Clock Speed: 1.86 Ghz, 512KB L2 Cache, 533 Mhz FSB.

Ram: 2 GB-800 Mhz DDR2.

Storage: 64 Gb “SSD” -That Gives a Speed Boost Now!

HD Support: Yes It Does! It has Broadcom Crystal HD Accelerator , Runs 1080p Videos

HDMI: Definitely it has it,you can hook it to your uber cool HD TV.

Price: ~ 800$

Final Screen Shot:

Courtesy: Hp,Google For Images…


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