Mood+ an app that knows you



1. Learns from your moods

2. You can save notes

3. Gives trivia and personal recommendations

4. Tell you what is your most/not so favorable day and lots more …

Download here for Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1




Flight Control [IOS] Goes Free

Flight Control , The Game We have been playing (Most Of You i suppose, or at least the ones reading this post are Interested 😉 ) Goes Free on Itunes (as Mentioned For Today)

Also it features:

  • Storm Field – A New Kind of Map
  • Turn The Time Back- Rewind (as they call)
  • Thunderstruck – Unlockable Achievement


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Dicter Traslation – Windows

Dicter Translation

This an application that can be used to translate Any text!!! virtually where there is a text it can just translate it to the desired language

Its based on the Google translator!

Its Downloadable! and you can start using right away!


  1. Supports Nearly 40 Languages !!Phew
  2. Its Free and you can download it to the system and use it.
  3. Very Small Download Size -1.16 MB !!


Get it from here: Download

Easy YouTube Downloader

Easy Youtube Video Downloader

  • Do You Want to get those Funny Videos you have just watched
  • Or you just uploaded you’r video and accidentally deleted it on your system?
  • May be you want to download a video in other format without having a software to convert it on your system?

Then Easy Youtube Video Down loader Is the One you have to get it!

Here is the Chrome Browser Extension

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8086 Microprocessor Emulator-Windows

An Emulator For Intel 8086 Micro Processor

Godhc: Are You a Programmer at hardware level?

Buddy: Yes,i am and i am using famous Intel 8086 Micro Processor in my institute!

Godhc: So Whats the problem?

Buddy: In my institute,they have the hardware and software to program,but i want to try in my home,how can i 😦

Godhc: Thats simple buddy Download an Emulator For Windows…   Click Here

Buddy: Wow That Really Works! Thanks!

Godhc: Glad to help you, Adieu!