What is Cloud – Video

A Beautiful Video From SalesForce.com

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Easy YouTube Downloader

Easy Youtube Video Downloader

  • Do You Want to get those Funny Videos you have just watched
  • Or you just uploaded you’r video and accidentally deleted it on your system?
  • May be you want to download a video in other format without having a software to convert it on your system?

Then Easy Youtube Video Down loader Is the One you have to get it!

Here is the Chrome Browser Extension

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Chatter – Social CRM

The Growth of Social Giants like Facebook and Twitter With their Real time communication

has injected a thought in the industry

For instance …Chatter A Social CRM Developed by SalesForce -which indeed is Very Very popular company in Business World.


  • Look and feel like Twitter + Facebook.
  • Based On Cloud Computing-That will make you think! “Yeah may be i should try!”. After all Cloud Is Growing now!!
  • Have a Private Social Network Base. Continue reading

Cloud Os

Cloud Os:  Full Scale OS  Residing In A Browser.

You have access to all the features of a normal Os, From a Cloud Resident OS.

Shared Pool Of Resources:
  • Networks
  • Servers,
  • Storage,
  • Applications and Services.
  • Cost savings
  • Immediate Availability
  • Round-the-clock availability,
  • Scalability
  • Efficiency.
  • Eyeos.
  • Joli Cloud.
  • Google Chrome O.S
Eyeos Features:
  • Access Documents, files And Applications Anywhere Easily- It uses the WEBDav Feature.
  • Share Files and Edit Them In Real Time With Other User.
  • Ability To Have Your  Files On Your Own EyeOs Server.
  • Low Cost
Joli Cloud Features:
  • Simple Design.
  • Very User Friendly.
  • Integrates Social Stream Direct Into The Browser.
  • Ability To Mount Network Drives.
  • Large Number Of Apps -700 +
Google Chrome OS Features:
  • Instant Web:OS Comes Pre-Installed In Notebooks And Boot Under 10 seconds.
  • Updates Itself and Cleans On Every Boot.
  • Already Have More Than a Million Applications.
  • Built In Security To Keep Mal-ware Away.

*Courtesy EyeOS , Joli Cloud , Google Chrome OS

Game Streaming!-Play Games W/O A Console

The use of cloud computing is growing stead fast.

The next level of Gaming has emerged!
Play games without having to own a console… Based on the same cloud stage.

How Can I Have This?

  • By Using a Browser Download and can be played on any PC or a Mac.
  • By Using a Small Portable System,that you can hook it up to you’r TV.

Wow! I Want to Check It Out!

OnLive® Game Service

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Fantastic What More?

  • This Site offers lots of games!-Huge Catalog of Games!
  • And Whole lot of Discounts in you’r hand.
  • A Cool Looking Gaming System is Provided.
  • BUT..But… You Need a good Broadband Connection!