S Memo on Galaxy Note

How can it help you:
1.Jot down your ideas
2.Draw really good art
3.Help you play with your photos

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Galaxy Note Screenshots

Alright You know the Specs of this great phone (So i wont be mentioning about it)


  1. Its Big but its PERFECT (You CAN hold it and you can Pocket it )
  2. The Screen is Awesome
  3. Battery is Good (lasts 1 and a half Day )
  4. S-Pen is really useful
  5. Gestures are just awesome and handy

Go Get it! Don’t get any second thoughts its a perfect phone

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Hp Slate-Pc That Looks Like A Tablet

Searching for a Pc Having some looks like the tablets that have been sprouting up these days? then you should check out hp slate..Have a look at the features below..may be you get convinced! or just wait for some dual core Tablets to come up? …Take you’r decision…


Model: 500.

Type : Pc That Looks Like A Tablet.

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Mobigyaan – Lustrous Gyaan

In celebration of the 2nd  anniversary of the Geeky Website MobiGyaan,Here comes a Sweet Review

First Impressions:

1.Wow! Is It About Only Mobiles

-No its not just about mobiles, Its just about everything !!  You Get Reviews!, you get latest offers from various operators

lots of contests to have fun around…

2.Like What??

-Have a look at the site,it sorts things according to what a daily visitor,regarding telecoms and stuff he looks for.

3.Can you give me some Examples

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