Mood+ an app that knows you



1. Learns from your moods

2. You can save notes

3. Gives trivia and personal recommendations

4. Tell you what is your most/not so favorable day and lots more …

Download here for Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1




Edit Plus

Edit Plus:

  • Best alternative to Wordpad/Notepad.
  • Best For Coders who code alot.
  • Supports HTML,PHP,JAVA
  • Syntax highlighting-The best feature.
  • Supports easy pin dropping of common elements in your code, such as insert a form tag,…



Easy YouTube Downloader

Easy Youtube Video Downloader

  • Do You Want to get those Funny Videos you have just watched
  • Or you just uploaded you’r video and accidentally deleted it on your system?
  • May be you want to download a video in other format without having a software to convert it on your system?

Then Easy Youtube Video Down loader Is the One you have to get it!

Here is the Chrome Browser Extension

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Disk Utility In Ubuntu

Disk Utility In Ubuntu is One very useful application.

It lets you:

  1. Get the details of all the Storage devices attached to you’r system.
  2. Driver Information of them.
  3. Eject Them.
  4. Have Benchmark.
  5. Format The Drive
  6. Check The File System.
  7. Unmount The Volume.
  8. Delete Partitions.
  9. View Smart Data Status.
  10. Rotation (If available)

It is a great tool for you to format a USB Drive ! and lot lot faster

Here are the Screen Shots

I have even kept the Screen shots of my Core i7 Processor Details Through the System Monitor Of Ubuntu

Even this is a great tool to help you get details of you’r System!