Only EDGE data mode on android

Why Would You Want to Get Only EDGE Data Mode On Your Android ? (Probable reasons are listed below)

  1. Because i just want to cut my 3G/4G data usage!
  2. Ive got only EDGE Plan.
  3. I Think Keeping Phone in EDGE Mode will save my battery (well the phone uses Data When it Really REQUIRES!!)

Ah..gimme the procedure man!


1.Goto Settings> Wireless and Network > Mobile Network Settings

2.Set the Network Mode To GSM Only

Your Done now you will be in EDGE Mode all the time, if you want to use your 3G then set it to GSM/WCDMA (Auto)

Screenshots: (This is Galaxy Note People! )


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Easy Way To Tether Internet From IPhone

Want to get rid of having you’r iphone being connected to the system for internet?

Then you should have a computer that has Bluetooth hardware.

You then have the option to tether you’r carrier internet (EDGE/3G) to you’r system and Stay relaxed

Though It drains you’r battery! Its a better option and also in cases when you don’t have the Transfer cable with you!

Airtel-Deducts My Money :( For IPHONE 3GS

I Recently Bought IPHONE 3GS airtel locked from airtel relation ship center

There is a Free Gprs plan for buying an iphone : it is as below

Data Usage/Month Charges

First 500 MB Free

> 500 MB 30p/50KB

Offer applicable to all existing as well as new Airtel Postpaid and Prepaid customers purchasing iPhone from Airtel authorised sales point.

Terms and Conditions:

•This phone can only be used with an Airtel connection. All warranties/benefits are null and void if unlocked.

• Free 500 MB of data download/month for 12 months. Charges after free usage are Re. 0.30 / 50 KB


i called the customer care and got it activated i got confirmation sms also

when i browsed

my main balance got deducted by 50 rs!!!

now called the customer care, they transfered it to the supervisor

he said he dint hear about the plan!!

he made me on hold and said:

“You need to download an application to your iphone to use it”

“Go to airtel shop and download and you will get it “!

Application???? they dint say me……

and wait once the plan is activated how can u charge 50RS and he said he cant refund it!!!!!!! its clearly said we get 500mb per month after that 30ps/50 kb


AND How come the Service guys dont know abt their plans!