Twitter Changed Home Page!

Seems that they have changed the design(specifically The Background!) a bit

Looks more Elegant now!

Some Inner Meaning is Hidden behind that image(Specially The Map is highlighted!!!)


Airtel 3G Launch at Hyderabad

3G Injected!

Today (5th-April-2011) is the day When Bharati Airtel Kick starts its 3G Services and offers it to the Hyderabadis (People Of Hyderabad-Andhra Pradesh)


Airtel Invites Us For the 3G Launch at Hotel Grand Kakatiya, Hyderabad

Courtesy goes to & Puneet Jain


Saina Nehwal, is the brand ambassador who along with Vineet Taneja The Operations Director- South For Bharati Airtel

launched the 3G Services here , also Mr.Taneja gave a Demo of all the services that are being offered and those that are going to be rolled out and also demonstrated a live Video Call !

Me(left) With Vineet Taneja:

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Ipad Launch In India

Apple has Finally rolled out the ipad to the indian customers!

It has announced the prices …. but wait when ipad 2 is on the verge…its rolling its ipad..Its not surprise at all…

Well when iphone 4 was released the 3gs was rolled into the indian market

Well look at the prices below and decide your self..



Android 3.0 Preview

Google unveiled most awaited Android 3.0 Honeycomb

First thing first ! They say its Completely build for Tablets! look below:

  • Looks like it has really really fast UI..Thanks to Dual Core Processor,that it requires.
  • The browser looks really great and fast movements.
  • Nice interface for Google books,they provided a panoramic view for it.
  • Tablet optimized YouTube and gmail.
  • The best being a 3D View In maps.