Chatter – Social CRM

The Growth of Social Giants like Facebook and Twitter With their Real time communication

has injected a thought in the industry

For instance …Chatter A Social CRM Developed by SalesForce -which indeed is Very Very popular company in Business World.


  • Look and feel like Twitter + Facebook.
  • Based On Cloud Computing-That will make you think! “Yeah may be i should try!”. After all Cloud Is Growing now!!
  • Have a Private Social Network Base.
  • Share Files As usual-Now You’r Deals and stuff come handy wherever you go.
  • Yeah Has Mobile and Desktop Version.
  • Maintain Profiles.
  • Get Feeds.
  • Get notifications and whole lot of stuff in a really cool looking UI.

Now Cater Your CRM Needs with this

Have a look at the Official Demo – Its really a nice Video !!! i love it…


Courtesy: Youtube and SalesForce For the Video!


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