Yahoo For IPhone On Airtel

Yahoo! For Iphone has evolved to truly a remarkable stage.

Lets See

1.Messaging on Yahoo Messenger for iPhone is really fast.

2.Just can’t Believe that i can talk for hours by calling my friends on yahoo for free and you will be amazed that how can a GPRS handle such data rate,..but really there is no lag or hiccups. The Voice clarity on Airtel GPRS is realy realy awsome,there is no network problems.

3.Yahoo can be used on both GPRS as well as  WI-FI .

*Note:It Seems that Airtel Gprs speeds have increased Considerably *


Y! Messenger Launching !

1.As usual you can arrange as you like (In Folders or Separate Icon).

2.Icon is neatly designed,It Can be identified Easily,if you have lots of applications.


Y! Messenger Start

1.After You Sign in,you get the above screen.

2.At The bottom you have Contacts,Messages,Calls And Settings-all are Self Explanatory.

3.You Get online contacts,with whom you can call or message.

4.Very Neatly Designed!


Y! Messenger Message Spicer

1.You can add the emoticons that are standard in yahoo,They are really beautiful in this and ANIMATED !

2.You can also send you’r favorite URLs Directly in the message.

3.Finally you can take a picture or video and send as an attachment,while you are messaging also you can add them from you’r library.


Y! Messenger VoIP

  • Finally Lets Come to the VoIP Feature: Its Rock Solid!!
  • OK Calling On GPRS! Sounds not so good..(I am Using This on Airtel GPRS)
  • Hold You’r breath! The Sound Clarity is just as awesome as if you were using a WI-FI Connection or conventional telephone line!
  • Should say that gprs speed of airtel has increased really well.
  • I Am able to talk for hours,without any hitch on GPRS.
  • I Do use WI-FI just to save some juice in the battery.
  • Also You have Few options,as shown in the second figure above,You Know about them right!


1.Y! Messenger For Iphone is Really Great App,Try it and you will Love it!

2.Simplicity in Design and Features of it has hand over Skype and Fring.

3.Airtel GPRS Speeds have increased alot.

4.It Even Provides Video Calling too.


2 thoughts on “Yahoo For IPhone On Airtel

  1. Lewis rozmi says:

    Thats really an amazing information that i have got here.. I have read all of the posts and i must say i love them

  2. Sally Leskovec says:

    I’m hardly stunned one bit that Steve Jobs and the monopoly of a business have so quickly raised 10 billion apps for the iOS market and when the new year rolls around the iOS apps purchase numbers will very well make the 1 trillion mark. Predicted calculations show that stock of AAPL will be nearly $550 each share by then, wild!

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