New Bing Image Search

Bing Right Now!

Why Bing? I use it because i get more relevant information than others!!! Seriously and i happened to come across the new re disigned

Bing Image Search


  • Nice Collage like interface-Love the interface.
  • Very Good to see and you will love to browse the images. Continue reading

Windows 7 Jumplist

Jumplist is one of the cool features of windows, lets not forget the powerful Power Shell Of Windows 7

Ok Why Jumplist?

  1. Groups all of you’r common stuff together.
  2. Have multiple Tabs opened in a browser don’t worry, jump list gives quick access to all of them.
  3. Groups Recent documents.
  4. Ability to peek or preview the content.
  5. Quick access to all programs that are minimized.


Courtesy: and google for images