An Uncanny Blog Visitor Turns out to be a 13 year old School Friend! – Incredible Stories:

This is a story how i met my childhood friend , not through Facebook, Twitter, Orkut or Linkedin or any social network but as a visitor to my blog who commented on my post. He is Manu ( Who inturn found me through

It was just an usual comment on a post and i replied back , the next day there was another post from my end and he commented back, as we were friends in Indiblogger , and as a fellow blogger approached him so that i can add him up on facebook, quickly we added each other, the surprising thing was we had no common friends (that was expected) but least i could imaging that our coversation would turn into a shocking Experience.

I started saying I am pursuing my undergraduation from a reputed college and words exchanged and talked about interests and at a point i asked him , from which school he was from , he said St.Patricks , i said even i hail from the same school , i thought that, it might be at another location(but it was less probable as i knew the only branch was ours), but what he said brought a shocking bolt in our head, even he was from the very same school , we were awe struck , i then took out the Class group photo and pointed who i was and he readily pointed himself out and he could identify few others , we were speech less as to how a comment from a random visitor turned out to be a School friend From MY class , who eventually hand to leave due to a personal reason , None of us were even touch with him , later shared the pictures, tagged each other and we guys found out Our very own classmate ! We spoke of this unusual bump into each other for few days, oh yeah and lot of our tastes did match !!

Its something which neither of us can forget ! its a Destiny to meet your long lost friend, who else and how could such an Uncanny Event Take place !


Indiblogger For providing such an oppurtunity to share my experience

M&M fro Organizing

Manu – For being such a great fellow blogger and a great friend !


Rahul Reddy

A.k.a Godhc!


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