Why Vim Has hjkl as Arrow Keys

Ah Vim.. The Great Editor, since you are here you probably know what this editor is and how great this is. if not Bing it !


You might wonder why Vim has hjkl as the Arrow keys and why not the usual awds keys (which you find in most of the games)

Heres the reason:

When Bill joy created the Vi Editor , he was actually working on ADM-3A Keyboard that had arrows printed on hjkl and hence the reason 😀 (pretty simple right) 😀


3 thoughts on “Why Vim Has hjkl as Arrow Keys

  1. Scott says:

    Sure, that’s why he created that interface, but that does not explain why it has remained so popular more than thirty-five years later. By happenstance, that interface also enables full keyboard control of the program without looking at the keys or moving your hands from the home row. Commands can be touch-typed just as text can be, and it’s fast. The limitations he faced also required that only the most common keys be relied on for issuing commands, so it does not matter what keyboard you have; you are guaranteed to have the required keys to control the program.

    • Godhc says:

      Wow Scott, that was a lot of valuable information to me and the readers , if you would allow, with due credit i would like to add your entire comment to the post 🙂

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