Install OpenSSH on Ubuntu

Want Some Way to access your Linux machine , then you definitely need to install OpenSSH


1.Allows you to execute terminal commands from almost any device (Yes Any device)

2.Copy Files to and Fro!

3.Execute your School/Programs directly on your machine rather than your College šŸ˜›

(may be your college systems are Hogging or its just that you got a pretty damn fast system)

4.Forget about using theĀ insecureĀ telnet service!, OpenSSh is Secure!!!

Setting Up:

Step1: Install the Server and ClientĀ relevantĀ to OpenSSh , Execute the below Command in your terminal

 sudo apt-get install openssh-client openssh-server


Step2: Now You need to get your IP AddressĀ 
(if you know skip this) also assume you know theĀ 
username of the system using which you log in :D


Note: look for the ip address after "inet addr"Ā 
example and username is rahul

Step3: Now download a client (putty/Terminal) to access your system
 ssh host@ipaddress

example : ssh rahul@
Note: rahul will be the username of the Target system
in which the OpenSSh server is running and itsĀ 
corresponding ip address.

Make sure you enter logout in the terminal
 before you close your session
Happy Playing!

2 thoughts on “Install OpenSSH on Ubuntu

  1. Lewis says:

    Thanks alot , as usual clear and direct to point , thanks alot it saved my day , i search yor blog first and then in google!!

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