Gnome Do

Do You love shortcuts?..Don’t want to go to Applications Menu and then get the app you want to be launched?

Want to have an easy access to all those apps,documents,bookmarks and all?

Then Gnome Do is The Way!


  1. Search Anything !! Yeah anything..application,document…just about anything..just type and get results.
  2. Supports large plugins.
  3. You can add Words to the dictionary.
  4. Open Websites as you type.
  5. Rename Files.
  6. Browse Files.
  7. Simple Looking interface

Plugins Available:

  • Alias– To rename items
  • Epiphany-Supports this browser and its bookmarks can be searched.
  • Eye Of Gome Slideshow-Play slideshows!!
  • Firefox-Search Its Bookmarks.
  • Google Calculator and more look at the bottom screen shot to find more!



  1. Applications > Ubuntu Software Center > Search For Gnome Do


Launch It :

  • Find it in Applications > Accessories > Gnome Do


User Interface & Preferences:



  • Gnome Do – For A Screen Shot.
  • Thanks to my Take Screenshot Feature For taking those snaps 😉

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