Blender-3D Model Designer – Linux

Blender From For Linux is As Usual A Free And Open Source Product

It is indeed the most preferred  application For Rendering 3D Models

Who Should Use?

  • If You are going to Learn, this is the product..don’t jump over to other Products, don’t ever do that,this has got lots of documentation and tutorials to learn whole lot of stuff , believe me sit for 1 or 2 hours and you can make a human 3d figure in blender and most important its Free and Size is less and runs on even on an older computer.
  • Professionals-Its preferred and check out the site to see an amazing collection, that has been achieved with this.
  • Actually Everyone Can use it.

How To Get it:

  1. Applications > Ubuntu Software Center.
  2. Get Software > Graphics > 3D > Blender
  3. Install !

Screen Shots:

A Great Video Showing the Possibilities Of Blender:

Courtesy: and google for providing images and video.


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