Mobigyaan – Lustrous Gyaan

In celebration of the 2nd  anniversary of the Geeky Website MobiGyaan,Here comes a Sweet Review

First Impressions:

1.Wow! Is It About Only Mobiles

-No its not just about mobiles, Its just about everything !!  You Get Reviews!, you get latest offers from various operators

lots of contests to have fun around…

2.Like What??

-Have a look at the site,it sorts things according to what a daily visitor,regarding telecoms and stuff he looks for.

3.Can you give me some Examples

-Certainly yes,there are:

  • Telecom Operators-Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone etc
  • Mobile Phones-Nokia,Samsung,Lg etc
  • Reviews-Yeah what most people search for before buying.
  • Contests-Wow That something we have to glue our eyes, sure they attract everyone.
  • Mobile Applications-Find some newly released apps.
  • Guides-Yeah To help you Dig the Problem!

Look At this:

4.Thats Creamy! Luving it…Wait wait tell me more about contest!

-Knew you would ask that…Contests like

  • Blog and Win-Celebrating their 2nd anniversary.
  • Answer and Win -The most popular of all. Where Simple and Lovable  Questions are asked and winners are chosen.
  • Comment and Win-Post comments to get Prizes!
  • Identify and Win-Identify the subject and you get lucky ! and lots such.

5.I am Awwed! ..Does it cover Events!

-Well What do you think? .. Yes of-course it does it!!!!

Release of products get Thrown on the Facebook wall and Also Through Twitter Updates

Get Awesome news About The Latest CES 2011

6.Ok, I have google to get all the information, so why this??

-Yeah it does get every information you seen on your screen is RELAVANT TO What you are Searching??

No..Its a Huge Big No

Mobigyaan Gives you what you have to know! and thats it..

whereas Google .. You Search for one Item and you end up being confused as to what you should do now!!!

Get that?

7.Hehe.. I was Joking 😀 … Love the website…

-Yeah we know how much you were kidding 😀 …. Well we all love it , so another lovable member of the sight hunh!

8.Yeah! so Where do i start now!

-Go to Their Website

Join Them: Facebook

Follow Them:Twitter!/MobiGyaan

-Courtesy-Thanks For Mobigyaan  For The screen shots that i have posted

-I love to put a review as a Q & A Format …its easy for people to know most things and even more than what they came for searching.

-Also Visit The Official Blog N Win Contest Page – Blog N Win


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