Get KDE on Gnome-KDE Plasma Desktop

Want to install the new Kubuntu KDE on you’r Gnome…If Yes proceed down

First thing first…if you install kde along with gnome,you will have both kde default applications like Konquer and all along with you’r ubuntu applications…just have a look at the Gnome Menu bar applications list..well lets not worry about that,KDE is whole lot beautiful..ill get the screenshots later ok!

You Get the lates Ubuntu 10.10 and do this

  • Go to System>Administration>Synaptic Packet Manager.
  • Search for Kubuntu at the top right
  • Find  “Kubuntu  Plasma Desktop System“.
  • Mark For installation.
  • Wait for some will download lots and lots of packages..approx 700 mb Disc space will be used,be prepared for it
  • after that log out.
  • click the user name.
  • look at the bottom and find SESSION.
  • Choose KDE.
  • Voila You’r KDE will Start and play with widgets and its beauty.




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