WordPress Themes Install

Ok..I have got some themes in my hand
Now how do i install them?

First: If You Have somename.wordpress.com
-You dont have access to FTP
So You Can’t Use any FTP CLIENT like Filezilla to upload the Themes To Your Blog

Second:If You Host it on you’r own domain or you have the wordpress.org,then u can upload and get the theme installed easily.



4 thoughts on “WordPress Themes Install

    • Godhc says:

      No.. Yo have to have wordpress.org account not .com .. To upload ur themes… Or if u host ur blog privately then u have access to ftp to upload the themes. U can register for 17$/year

  1. rdsayles says:

    Can I use the FTP file manager on Godaddy.com to upload a custom theme? I bit confused as to how the FTP can be used. I downloaded Filezilla and SmartFTP, neither one could establish a connection w/the server. However on Godaddy.com at least I am able to view the files, but am a bit lost as to what to do next.

    • Godhc says:

      1.You can use any FTP Manager to upload your files.
      How to Upload Files to your WP
      Step1: you need to know if godaddy allows you to upload files using FTP (most cases it will)
      Step2:in the application:
      ADDRESS: yourwebsite.com (example rdsayles.com ) – dont use http://www.rdsayles.com
      USERNAME/Password: (put your GODADDY username and password)
      Port: (just leave it blank)

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